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"Immortality" is the 13th song on Vitalogy. Written by Eddie Vedder, the song peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.


A classic and easy Pearl Jam 's song, "Immortality" is the mourn of a depressive and discredited person who just lost his/her will to live cause there is no meaning or understand in life. The protagonist decides to forget everything, even forgiving offenses, since vengeance has no place on this world just like him/her.

It is implied that through many obstacles, this person finds an answer to the problems and want to hold on to it. The 'cure' for his problems is, at first, identified as immortality. Describing a depressive and unfortunate situation, strongly interpreted as pressures from other people, the protagonist is lost in the dark of indecision and realizes that "all good truants" must decide. In the end, the song is finished saying that the path to immortality for some people is death, leading the impression that "Immortality" is in fact a song about suicide.

Music & Lyrics[]


Pearl Jam- Immortality

Vacate is the word
Vengeance has no place so near to her
Cannot find the comfort in this world

Artificial tear
Vessel stabbed, next up, volunteers?
Wisdom can't adhere

A truant finds home
And a wish to hold on
But there's a trapdoor in the Sun


As privileged as a whore
Victims in demand for public show
Swept out through the cracks beneath the door

Holier than Thou, How?
Surrendered, executed anyhow
Scrawl dissolved
Cigar box on the floor

A truant finds home
And a wish to hold onto
He saw the trapdoor in the Sun


I cannot stop the thought
I'm running in the dark
Coming up a which way sign
All good truants must decide

Oh, stripped and sold, mom
Auctioned forearm
And whiskers in the sink
Truants move on
Cannot stay long
Some die just to live...

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