Pearl Jam Wiki


Pearl Jam Wiki is a page dedicated to all fans of the band throughout the world, no matter what country, what age or any other mere difference between us. The main goal of this database is not only join us, but also share our musical experiences, interpretations, meanings and every detail about the band that made difference on our lives. To maintain a pattern on this Wiki, some rules are required:

  1. Respect your fellow. We are all comrades and united for the same reason. Discussion and opposite visions are accepted, but respect is above everyone;
  2. It's forbidden the use of misleading, wrong or pejorative information. This page is destined to all Pearl Jam fans, it's closed for all those who intend to "grief";
  3. Personal life of the band members is not subject of our database. Information about their early life and useful events that influenced them on their musical life are accepted, but other personal information (family and similars) are forbidden;
  4. Albums and Songs pages must be edited on the pattern. This informatin can be accessed here: Editing Albums & Editing Songs;
  5. DO NOT COPY ARTICLES FROM WIKIPEDIA OR SIMILAR DATABASES. This Wiki exists as a database dedicated to Pearl Jam fans, discuss and write. If copying from Wikipedia was allowed, this database would have no true meaning;
  6. ALWAYS AVOID COMPULSIVE EDITING. Before publishing your edit, preview it. If you can put the information at once, do it, always avoid multiple edits with information you can put at the same time;
  7. Interpretations are allowed and encouraged. Under albums and songs pages there's a commentary section. Use that space to write your vision, interpretation and meaning if there's already a main interpretation of the song on its page. Songs with no interpretations yet registered are free to be written; depending on the main discussion, they may change. Be impersonal!
  8. Discussion, doubts and suggestion about articles must be done on TALK PAGES. Reserve talk pages only for this, since commentary pages are free to interpretation;
  9. Users that infringe 2 (except pejorative), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 ought to be warned on their respective talk pages. 
  10. Users that infringe 1, 2 (pejorative) and deliberately avoid warns on Rule Number 9 will be banned.

We ask that these simple rules to be followed. This will keep this space comfortably to any opinion and another place to share our interpretations, creating a massive database that will serve to any other fan. Be free to contribute and promote!

Yellow Ledbetter (talk) 03:23, May 26, 2013 (UTC)